Cutting tool installation and processing method for precision parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-01-22
In precision parts processing, cutting can be carried out in automatic equipment with complex bar feed structure or the most advanced CNC machine tool. However, if the cutting knife is installed and used improperly, it may lead to shutdown, tool damage, scraping of workpieces, and even damage to the machine tool. Let the NJPE precision senior operator teach you how to install and use the cutting knife. First, cut off the installation of the tool 1. During installation, the cutting knife should not extend too long. At the same time, the center line of the cutting knife must be installed perpendicular to the center line of the workpiece to ensure the symmetry of the two auxiliary deflection angles. 2. When cutting off a solid workpiece, the main cutting edge of the cutting tool must be installed at the same height as the center of the workpiece, otherwise it cannot reach the center, and it is easy to collapse the edge or even break the turning tool during the processing of precision parts. 3. The bottom plane of the cutter should be flat to ensure the turning quality. Second, the cutting method 1. Cut off the workpiece by straight-forward method. The so-called straight-in method refers to cutting perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece. This method has high cutting efficiency, but it has higher requirements on the grinding and installation of lathes and cutting knives, otherwise it is easy to cause the cutter head to break. 2. About with a borrowed knife method cut off the workpiece. Under the condition of insufficient cutting rigidity, it can be cut off by using the left and right knife borrowing method. This method refers to the repeated round-trip movement of the cutting knife in the axial direction, followed by radial feeding on both sides until the workpiece is cut off. 3. The reverse cutting method cuts off precision parts to process workpieces. Reverse cutting method refers to the reverse rotation of workpieces and the reverse clamping of turning tools. This cutting method is suitable for cutting larger diameter workpieces.
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