Definition of rough surface of precision parts and its influence on parts

by:NJPE     2020-02-07
Definition of surface roughness: Surface Roughness refers to the microscopic geometric shape error composed of small spacing and peaks and valleys on the machined surface of parts, generally, it is formed by the adopted precision parts processing method and other factors. On the same surface of the parts, except for microscopic geometric shape errors (Surface roughness)In addition, there are macroscopic geometric shape errors (Shape error)And intermediate geometry error (Surface waviness) Their shapes are generally wavy. In the precision parts processing industry, we often divide these three types of errors by the size of the wave distance :(1) The wave distance greater than 10mm belongs to the shape error range (2) The wave distance is 1 ~ 10mm belongs to the surface waviness range (3) If the wave distance is less than 1mm, it belongs to the range of surface roughness. The definition of surface roughness the influence of surface roughness on the service performance of parts: the surface roughness of workpieces machined by precision parts is only a very small processing trace, however, it is closely related to the wear resistance, matching properties and corrosion resistance of precision mechanical parts. 1. Influence on friction and wear resistance: the rougher the actual surface of the part, the greater the friction factor and the faster the wear between the two surfaces. 2. Influence on fitting properties: for parts with rougher surface, the clearance increases due to accelerated wear of the wave crest of microscopic unevenness during clearance fitting; For the interference fit, the peak of the rough surface is squeezed into the trough when the assembly is pressed, resulting in the actual interference amount being less than the required interference amount, thus reducing the connection strength. 3. Influence on corrosion resistance: rough surface is easy to make corrosive substances adhere to microscopic valleys on the surface and penetrate into the metal layer, causing corrosion. In addition, surface roughness has great influence on fatigue strength, contact stiffness, sealing performance of joint surface, appearance quality and surface coating quality.
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