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by:NJPE     2020-02-04
The development status of the mold industry has led to several factors in the current dilemma of the mold industry. The first is the market environment. Since the financial crisis in 2012, the crisis has never left. In the first two years, due to the government's 4 trillion, it has improved a bit. In, it was depressed again. These factors lead to the manufacturing industry to encounter difficulties, and the mold industry, as one of the core industries of the manufacturing industry, will naturally be directly impacted, with fewer orders and lower profits. For people engaged in the mold industry, it directly affects income. Especially in the Diaoyu Island incident in 2012, all Japanese mold factories in the mold industry were basically affected more or less. There is also the overall pattern of the world. The continued economic downturn in Europe and the United States has directly affected our mold industry, because the molds with higher profits in the entire mold industry are basically export molds, if there are fewer export molds, the profit will naturally be less. If the boss can't earn money, the salary will naturally not rise. This is an external objective factor. It is still difficult to change this factor in the short term, and it is basically impossible. According to the website, for a long time in the future, it will be difficult for the European and American economies to return to the previous ones. The gradual improvement is predictable, and it is very difficult to reach the sky in one step. The domestic environment is much better than that. In the long run, the stable improvement is certain. The relative profit of domestic molds may not be as good as that of export molds. However, there is no way for the mold industry to take off the coat of profiteering. After all, in addition to monopoly industries, it is impossible for any industry to have lasting profits, and it is normal for ups and downs. The development of Everything is cyclical. The current trough is only temporary, and the overall trend of China's economy will not change, the difficulties caused by this will definitely be eliminated in a short period of time in the future. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about this factor. Besides, the economic downturn is not only the mold industry, but also the manufacturing industry. Most industries will be affected. It is arbitrary to conclude that an industry is not working because of the overall environment. Unless the industry is completely extinct or weak, it cannot be said. After all, the mold industry is the basic industry. Molds are indispensable to industry, just as catering is to people's livelihood. Eliminate obstacles to quality improvement
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