【Dry Goods] How to learn how to cut off the CNC machining factory of parts in a short time!

by:NJPE     2020-02-08
Cutting and cutting in CNC machining factory of parts belong to turning application and are relatively common machining processes in machining industry. In the whole process of cutting and cutting, the selection and use of knives are quite exquisite. So, today I will talk to you about cutting and cutting. Cut off: 1. When selecting cutting tools to cut off pipe fittings, workpieces and bars, it is very important to reduce cutting force and save materials. Therefore, the blade should be as narrow as possible, and the groove shape can make the cutting narrower than the groove. In this way, good cutting control and surface finish can be obtained. 2. How to apply the blade should be as narrow as possible. This can be beneficial to the saving of materials and the reduction of cutting force, and can also reduce the pollution to the environment. If possible, avoid cutting to the center. Reduce the feed rate by 2mm before cutting to the workpiece center 75%, which can maximize the optimization of tool life. Stop cutting about 1mm before approaching the center of the workpiece, and the parts will fall due to their own weight and length. Matters needing attention in cutting off processing: 1. Set the tip height at 0 higher than the center point. 1 ~ 0. 2mm place. 2. Be sure to use wet machining and ensure sufficient cutting fluid flows to the tip. 3. It is recommended to use a fixed rotary tree to stabilize the life of the tool. 4. When cutting, be as close as possible to the clamping point. 5. When the cutting process is close to the center, please reduce the feed to the original 1/2 to 3/1 to avoid the impact of cutting. 2. 1. Cut to pre-drilling must be drilled deep enough to not affect the lateral force. The force of the blade at the side tip angle may lead to blade cracking and inconsistent tool life. 2. 2. Cut off the small-diameter bar and cut off the thin-walled tube. Try to use the smallest and sharpest blade to ensure as much force as possible. 2. 3. No flash cutting use a right or left hand fine grinding blade with a front angle to avoid or reduce the flash. Note that the large rake angle reduces the flash, but it may produce a non-straight surface and may lead to worse surface finish and shorter tool life. Use as small a front corner as possible. CNC precision parts processing 2. 4. The cutting of pipe fittings uses blades as narrow as possible to save materials, reduce cutting force and reduce environmental pollution. 2. 5. Burr-free cutting uses right-hand or left-hand precision blades with front corners to avoid or reduce burrs. Therefore, when machining in the CNC machining factory of parts, when the force and moving direction of the cutting tool are consistent, careful operation must be carried out to prevent the occurrence of phenomena such as pricking the knife and breaking the knife, it can reduce certain losses, and it is necessary to do a good job in the grinding and clamping of the cutting tools. It is necessary to adjust all parameters of the machine tool so that all parts of the machine tool are in good condition. [The above information is searched on the internet]
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