Energy transfer device of gear box body and the stability of the system

by:NJPE     2020-07-01
Gear box body as in the production process of the mechanical equipment is a kind of widely used energy transfer device, in the process of design of the level of high and low to a certain extent reflects a country's comprehensive national strength and industrial technology level. With the rapid development of science and technology, people on gear box on a high speed, high power, lightweight, small vibration, low noise, has put forward higher requirements. And for the high speed gear box on the centrifugal compressor, due to its high speed and complex working environment. Gear box can make body in support, positioning gear transmission at the same time, also endure the vibration of the gear meshing impact came, the box body can be used as the basis of the important parts in the gear transmission system, its performance directly affects the stability of the gear system, thus makes the dynamic and static performance of the gear box body research become additional important. Gear box body is respectively in the three dimensional modelling of enclosure 3 three cases of a simplified model for the establishment of and complete the general assembly. Use of CAD and CAE seamless docking function, to simplify the gear box model is imported to ANSYS, the establishment of a complete enclosure structure finite element model. By means of gear box in the stress analysis and calculation of measurement under the rated conditions, complete finite element model of load loading and boundary conditions are set, from the static characteristic analysis of the gear box, to learn the largest of the enclosure structure deformation and extreme equivalent stress. Gear box in modal analysis, and extract the analysis structure of the top ten order modal frequencies and corresponding vibration mode, and then by comparing the transmission gears in the gearbox of the rotational frequency and gearing frequency, assess the reliability of the dynamic performance of the original design, and to find out the main factor causing body overall vibration and working part. Main gear box on the static and dynamic characteristics of gear box body analysis results as the basis, to a certain extent, selected the design goals, select seven design variables. Through the multi-objective design theory, the relationship of the balance between multiple targets, under the permission of overall stiffness and strength of the constraints, complete multi-objective structural optimization design of gear box.
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