Engine bearing materials and choice

by:NJPE     2021-01-30
Each engine manufacturers and even the engine manufacturers all know one thing, metal to metal contact is not good. That's too bad, the engine manufacturers to do their best to prevent this from happening. Mechanical parts processing and coating company is also working to ensure that the use of its products to withstand extreme without disrupting the expensive components. Bearing shells to protect interact with key components, such as the crank and connecting rod, but their performance is important than people imagine. The top engine manufacturer of bearing installation for a living know about how to make full use of bearing to a thing or two. A manufacturer said, he follow the advice in the middle of the bearing clearance Settings, but in the back of the neck, he only slightly open, to prevent the winding crank end stuck when clearance. Crankshaft is the heaviest in the moving parts in the engine, so people may think that it will not bend or curve, but the combustion pressure and the requirement of power transmission system means that the crankshaft are under constant pressure, especially in the applications of the car. If you want to upgrade the engine, trying to get more power, then you may need to use more strong bearing materials. For you to choose the appropriate application of bearing is vital for engine performance and durability, because the bearing plays a vital role in support of the crankshaft, also affect the service life of the engine crankshaft. Engine manufacturers hope to do the last thing is to make the bearing fatigue, and make the sheet metal into the oil system. Mechanical parts processing, said gap is always a problem, for most applications, you should use the recommended clearance specifications. In inventory applications, the clearance is very important, but can consider material mechanical parts processing in determining the application requirements. However, if you want to upgrade in some way to try to get more power, you may need to use stronger material, rather than the standard passenger car engine from the application of the material. If you want to get more power, the copper/lead bearing is the strongest. Bearing engineer said, they focus on the bearing load of unit, rather than used to assess the strength of the specific bearing or material has the power of several, but decided to the demand of bearing cylinder pressure is more or less. According to our bearing specialists to 9000 psi of cylinder pressure is considered to be the limit of the aluminum, you need to use more than three metal of any pressure. For inventory applications, OEM use aluminum bimetal bearing very early, because their production cost is low, and the service life is longer than the typical three metal bearing thousands of miles. Today, stock production engine is expected to be 200000 miles or more, so the aluminum bearing for these applications is the most meaningful. Bearing engineer said, they focus on the bearing load of unit, rather than used to assess the strength of the specific bearing or material has the power of several, but decided to the demand of bearing cylinder pressure is more or less. But in terms of performance, three metal bearing because of its carrying capacity and adaptability and is still the most important. These bearings need to be durable, but is still able to handle the oil film in crankshaft torsion. Aluminum bearing in light load application service life is longer, because the wear resistance and hardness of the composite material can be polished silicon crankshaft and wipe off any nodules or debris or rinse it. But three metal bearing copper/lead and aluminum bimetal bearing wear rate has great differences. Bearing requires walking a tightrope, because on the one hand, you need to hard materials to improve the durability and bearing capacity and wear resistance, but on the other hand, when the item is not aligned, you will need the soft material to keep consistency. The embedding is soft and sliding characteristic. Therefore, when choosing bearing style, you need to look at the engine application and try to determine the engine what is most needed. Three metal bearing the copper/lead layer can provide up to 12000 psi pressure or higher bearing capacity, very suitable for producing 800 horsepower or greater power engine. Copper, on the other hand, the lack of resistance to bite, so three metal bearing has a thin layer of babbitt. This layer is 87% lead, a mixture of 10% tin and 3% copper. Cover has the lubricity, resistance to bite and can be embedded. Babbitt layer usually only. ˝ - 001. 0005 ˝ thick. Although three metal bearing is usually a high performance application choice, but babbit layer tend to wear faster. There is always a compromise. Bimetallic bearing may be permanent and will not wear and tear, but they can't afford to copper/lead such a high load. Who must determine which features for your application is the most important engine manufacturers, which is always a balancing act. Today's engine design are driving a new thinking and bearing material. For the hybrid model, for example, there are a lot of start-stop operation. This is changing the mechanical parts processing products. Compared with aluminum, machinery parts processing manufacturer more inclined to wear resistant material. Manufacturers are adding more hard into the aluminum particles ( That is, the more silicon) , or they are bearing coating processing, to deal with the increasing number of metal to metal contact.
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