Engine on mechanical parts processing and the application of the coating

by:NJPE     2021-01-29
In today's driven by the performance of engine in the world, everyone wants to improve engine horsepower, provide greater torque, produce less friction, wear and heat, and eventually make the engine service life is longer. How do you ask all these? Used in engine mechanical parts processing coatings and coating is fast becoming the performance in the application of one of the best way to get these benefits. According to the customer's budget and the applied condition of the engine, there are many different coating options to choose from, we will provide you a detailed introduction of several kinds of coating, as well as some coating was applied to all kinds of motor machinery parts processing information as well as its advantages. Engine on mechanical parts processing any can swing a slide or surface, are soft like aluminum or lead alloy, ceramics can be used or in the form of molybdenum, we will be in the ring and pinion, piston skirt, crankshaft neck using more demanding compounds such as hot lubricant - Any hard material with this base material, we will use higher content of ceramics. Such as valve, used on the top of the piston, etc. We also use can work in the vent of insulation layer, inside the turbine housing for the turbocharger and exhaust manifold. 'Although mechanical parts processing coating can be used for any engine applications, but now can be used in almost any part, but the coating processing is the most important thing. First of all, before the actual coating paint, must check all parts. We will check and check all the defects, and thoroughly clean the parts, to ensure that there is no grease, dirt, grit or debris. Mechanical parts processing all of these steps must be done carefully. If it is used the pistons, we often give the piston gas, to remove all the oil in base material. Then, we use the tape on the piston ring band with tape sticking, if jacket or iron impurities such as in the hole, we will be the first to add beads on the edge of the skirt to remove all foreign material, and then by using alumina. All the parts to coating, whether the crankshaft and connecting rod, piston must be thoroughly clean, degreasing and at least 100 granularity of aluminium oxide sandblasting processing. It is cut very thin, outer layer and base material. It make it very porous. After checking and cleaning steps, completed a second clean parts, machinery parts processing will to make sure to remove all dirt and debris in alumina. Components after cleaning, please rinse with acetone, and then make it dry. Now, you can use any paint. After coating the coating, curing in the oven parts to coating hot glue to the parts. Although the process is very time consuming, but if treatment is not correct, it will determine the way film and the adhesive with parts. We have noticed that after coating used in mechanical parts processing, through the engine operating temperature slightly lower, can improve the efficiency, because with all the things involved in friction is much less. At the top of the piston, the combustion chamber and the facade, vent, exhaust manifold and turbine casing are equipped with thermal insulation layer, can prevent the radiant heat absorption into the cylinder cover itself, can also speed up the exhaust velocity. We have already seen some engine because of the application in the turbocharger exhaust system with all of the thermal efficiency, thus raised the slide valve speed 800 RPM. It has many advantages.
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