Factors affecting machining accuracy of precision parts

by:NJPE     2020-01-22
Machining Accuracy (Referred to as machining accuracy) It refers to the conformity degree of the actual geometric parameters of precision parts after machining to ideal geometric parameters. The degree of deviation between them is the machining error. The larger the machining error, the lower the machining accuracy, and vice versa. In machining, controlling machining errors is used to ensure the machining accuracy of parts. Machining Accuracy includes geometric shape accuracy, dimensional accuracy and mutual position accuracy of parts. The original error that affects the machining accuracy in the precision parts processing workshop refers to the various parts of the process system composed of machine tools, cutting tools, fixtures and workpieces during machining, strict relative positional relationship should be maintained. Due to the influence of many factors, each link of the system will inevitably produce a certain offset, which will affect the accuracy of the relative position between the workpiece and the tool, thus causing machining errors. The original error is the general term of these factors that lead to deviation in each link of precision parts processing. Some of the original errors depend on the initial state of the process system and some are related to the cutting process. When analyzing the machining accuracy, attention should be paid to the original error in the error sensitive direction. The following are the error influencing factors summarized by NJPE precision operators, and the main original error 1 related to the initial state of the process system. Principle error: error in machining principle. 2. Geometric error of process system: mainly includes manufacturing error and wear of machine tools, tools, fixtures, system adjustment error, workpiece positioning error, tool installation error, etc. In fact, the principle error in cutting also belongs to geometric error, which is distinguished only because of its special reasons. Main original error related to cutting process 1. Deformation caused by force effect of process system: including system stress deformation, workpiece stress deformation, etc. 2. Deformation caused by thermal effect of process system: deformation caused by influence of heat source in system operation. In addition, environmental temperature conditions, measurement methods and workers' technical level also have an impact on the machining accuracy of precision parts.
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