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by:NJPE     2020-02-14
When flange connection is in operation, its main characteristics are convenient disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. During the installation of the flange, it is required that the two flanges should be kept parallel. The sealing surface of the flange should not be damaged and should be cleaned up. Flange gasket shall be selected according to design regulations. The technological process of flange connection is as follows: first, the connection between flange and pipeline should meet the following requirements: 1. The center of pipeline and flange should be on the same horizontal line. 2. The center of the pipeline and the sealing surface of the flange form a 90-degree vertical shape. 3. The position of flange bolts on the pipeline should be consistent. Second, the requirements for flange gaskets are as follows: 1. In the same pipe, the gaskets selected by flanges with the same pressure should be the same, so as to facilitate mutual exchange in the future. 2. For pipelines with rubber plates, it is better to choose rubber gaskets, such as water pipelines. 3. The selection principle of gasket is: choose as close as possible to a small width, which should be followed on the premise of determining that the gasket will not be crushed. Third, connecting flange 1. Check whether the specifications of flange, Bolt and gasket meet the requirements. 2. The sealing surface should be kept smooth and tidy without burrs. 3. The thread of the bolt should be complete, without defect, and the fitting should be natural. 4, the texture of the gasket should be flexible, not easy to age, the surface is not damaged, wrinkles, scratches and other defects. 5. Before assembling the flange, clean the flange, remove oil stains, dust, rust and other sundries, and remove the sealing line. Fourth, assemble flange 1. The flange sealing surface is perpendicular to the center of the pipeline. 2. Bolts of the same specification have the same installation direction. 3. The installation position of the flange installed on the branch pipe should be more than 100mm away from the outer wall of the riser, and the distance from the wall of the building should be more than 200mm. 4. Do not bury the flange directly in the ground. It is easy to be corroded. If it must be buried underground, it is necessary to do anti-corrosion treatment.
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