Flange connection flange gasket assembly flange and gasket

by:NJPE     2020-07-13
Flange connection when making use of its main characteristics is to disassemble, high strength, good sealing performance. Flange in the process of install requirements remain parallel between the two flanges, the flange sealing surface can't touch, and to clean up. The flange gasket, chosen according to the design rules. Process such as the first flange connection, flange and pipe connection to meet the following requirements: 1, the center of the pipe and the flange to be in the same level. 2, center pipe and flange sealing surface vertical shape into 90 degrees. 3, the location of the pipe flange bolts should be consistent. Second, mat flange gasket, requirements are as follows: 1, in the same pipe, the pressure of the same flange gasket should be the same choice, to facilitate exchange in the future. 2, to use rubber pipes, gasket also had better choose rubber, such as water pipes. 3, gasket selection principle is: as far as possible close to the small width of choice, it is in determining the gasket should follow the principle of the premise of not crushed. Third, 1, check the flange connecting flange, bolts and gasket specifications meet requirements. 2, sealing face must keep smooth and clean, cannot have burrs. 3, bolt thread to complete, there can be no defect, chimeric to nature. 4 to the gasket texture, flexibility, not easy ageing, surface without damage, fold, scratches and other defects. 5, before the assembly of the flange to flange clean, remove oil, dirt, rust and other sundry, seal line out clean. Fourth, flange assembly 1, flange sealing surface and vertical pipe center. 2, the same specifications of the bolt, the installation direction is the same. 3, installed on the branch pipe flange installation position should be from the outside wall of the riser in more than 100 mm, from the building metope distance should be at 200 mm and above. 4, don't put the flange directly buried underground, easy to corrode, if must be buried in the ground, processing is done.
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