Flange operation requirements of high temperature and high temperature seals

by:NJPE     2020-07-01
Flange in the operation process of the high temperature parts often need to be flat heat sealing, when operate without additional sealing pressure sealant in a separate area, affected by the pressure when operating, it will directly cause the inaccuracy or deformation of production, that is to say, in a separate area will appear leakage under pressure, pressure and unplanned repair. Applications in the field of high temperature plane sealing is good brocade high-temperature sealant, its special formula in the high temperature steam and gas turbine and the flange standard applications keep inert, so it can bear the hot air, steam, water, light fuel oil and lubricant, can be resistant to oil and gas. Flange when operated in high temperature is very suitable for smooth, level off the sealing surface of the working condition of high temperature and pressure requirements, use the plaster when operating knife or a rubber scraper booth coating on the surface drying. Due to sealing products won't cure, but its consistency will slightly change, maintain flexibility and elasticity, so no time requirements, the use finished, can immediately into the running, do not need to wait. Has scratches if you want to repair the damage of high temperature sealing surface, should cooperate with the brocade, using high temperature F series repair products. The blank shape size accurate, high temperature flange when operate it was small and the cost is low, the internal organization of the entire product streamline is poorer, forging flange generally lower than the casting flange carbon is not easy to rust, forging good streamline, organization is compact, mechanical performance is superior to the casting flange. High temperature flange in the process of production, if its improper forging process, it also can appear the grain big or uneven, solidification cracking phenomenon, higher than the casting flange forging cost. When operating the forgings is higher than in castings can withstand the shear force and tensile force. The use of high temperature flange advantage is that can produce more complex shape, the entire cost of the products is low, the forging is uniform internal organization, there is no casting in the pores, harmful defects such as inclusions, from casting production process difference between flange and forging flange is different, such as centrifugal flange is belong to one of the casting flange.
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