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by:NJPE     2020-01-14

When machining a workpiece, a mechanical processing factory should select the correct tool to cut the workpiece in order to obtain a relatively high precision. There are many main factors that should be considered in the selection of cutting tools.  The first is the material and performance of the workpiece to be processed, such as whether the material is metal or nonmetal, the hardness, rigidity, plasticity, toughness and wear resistance of its machined materials. The second thing to be considered is the processing technology category formulated by the mechanical processing factory.  When machining parts, numerical control turning, drilling, numerical control milling, boring or rough machining, semi-finish precision machining, finish precision machining and ultra-finish machining are selected, according to the processing technology to determine the appropriate tool. There is also information about machined workpieces, cutting parameters that the tool can withstand and various auxiliary factors. What is the geometry of the workpiece, the size of the machining allowance, the technical requirements and economic indicators of the parts. There are three main factors for cutting parameters of cutting tools, including spindle speed, cutting speed and cutting depth; Auxiliary factors include operation interruption time, vibration frequency, power fluctuation or sudden interruption, etc. , which also need to be considered. In the mechanical processing of the mechanical processing factory, the accuracy of the position of the machined surface to other surfaces depends mainly on the clamping of the workpiece. Directly looking for a formal clamp is a clamping method that uses a dial indicator, a scribing plate or visual inspection to directly find the position of a machined workpiece on a machine tool. The line to find the formal clamp is to draw the center line, the symmetrical line and the processing line of each surface to be processed on the blank according to the part drawing, and then install the workpiece on the machine tool, find the clamping position of the workpiece on the machine tool according to the marked line. This clamping method has low productivity, low precision and high requirements on the technical level of workers.  It is generally used to process complex and heavy parts in single and small batch production, or the blank size tolerance is large and cannot be directly clamped with a fixture. Clamping with a fixture is specially designed according to the requirements of the processing procedure.  The positioning element on the fixture can enable the workpiece to quickly occupy the correct position relative to the machine tool and the cutter, there is no need to find a correct way to ensure the clamping and positioning accuracy of workpieces.  The clamping productivity and positioning accuracy are high.  However, special fixtures need to be designed and manufactured, which are widely used in mechanical processing plants for batch and mass production.
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