Four forms affecting the service life of cold stamping dies

by:NJPE     2020-02-06
NJPE precision mold manufacturers have come to popularize mold knowledge for everyone today. Today, we are going to introduce four forms that affect the service life of cold stamping dies. Cold stamping dies are mostly installed on presses, special Special tool for applying deformation force to the sheet metal placed inside at room temperature to deform it, thus obtaining product parts with certain shape, size and performance. The four forms that affect the service life of cold stamping dies are as follows: sudden breakage, breakage and crack of convex and concave dies of broken cold stamping dies during use. Since the convex and concave dies of the die are the parts that bear the greatest punching pressure during the stamping work, the convex and concave dies of the die will break during the stamping process. The main reasons are: improper disposal of heat treatment processing (Quenching is too hard or the hardness layer is too deep) The design gap is too small, etc. will cause the mold to be convex, the die is damaged, broken and broken. The fracture of the convex and concave dies of the dies is partly damaged. We can continue to use them after repair, while others are more damaged or completely damaged and cannot be repaired, only according to the drawing design to configure a new punch or die after use. The convex and concave dies of the deformed cold stamping dies have undergone shape deformation during use, thus changing the geometric shape of the processed product parts, then it affects the dimensional accuracy and shape requirements of the parts to be processed. This is just the opposite of the fracture situation, mainly because the quenching hardness of the convex and concave dies is not enough or the quenching hardness layer is too shallow during the heat treatment process, however, the convex and concave dies are geometrically deformed during the stress process. Wear wear caused by frequent friction between convex and concave dies of cold stamping dies and processed materials for a long time. Due to the long-term friction between the convex and concave dies and the materials to be processed, the burrs of the blanking parts are too large (The gap is too large) The convex and concave gaps are too small, etc. , which are important causes of the wear of the convex and concave die. For example, the edge of convex and concave dies becomes blunt, the edges and corners become round, etc. The gap adjustment and assembly of the convex and concave dies of the cold stamping die are uneven, and the adjacent edges of the convex and concave dies are bitten by each other, causing the cutting edges of the convex and concave dies to be bitten. For example, in the process of die assembly, the position of the convex and concave dies is offset and the gap is uneven, and when the die without guidance is installed, the gap adjustment of the convex and concave dies is inappropriate, the convex and concave dies that occur bite each other. Toolox series of materials is a new type of tool steel with high toughness, high wear resistance and basically no internal stress. Moreover, it has very high purity, very fine grain size, very little S and P content, less precipitated carbide content and very uniform. Due to the special composition design, Toolox series materials have very excellent surface treatment performance, among which the surface hardness of Toolox44 after nitriding can reach above HRC65, and the surface hardness of Toolox40 can reach above hrc62, the surface hardness of Toolox33 can reach HRC58 or above. The depth is up to 1. 8mm. The above characteristics of Toolox series materials make Toolox series materials have special advantages in the application of some stamping dies, solving the problems of fracture, deformation, wear, gnawing and so on. 1)Thicker steel plate (Typical case of punching and shearing thickness 35mm steel plate) , Stainless steel plate, and non-ferrous metal plate stamping die, more typical is air conditioning fin die. 2)Stretching die, stainless steel stretching die. 3)Cold extrusion die. Cold extrusion 304 stainless steel, thickness 0. More than 5mm, replacing DC53 and other materials, the effect is very good. 4)Large stamping formwork with high dimensional stability requirements. Note: Toolox material must be matched with proper surface treatment. The high toughness of Toolox matrix material and the high hardness of the upper surface layer can achieve excellent effect. NJPE precision mold manufacturers focus on precision injection molds, sheet metal stamping molds, precision stamping molds, precision parts processing and manufacturing. NJPE has 30 years of mold technology precipitation and serves many large domestic enterprises, with the business goal of exceeding customer expectations, we will focus on creating a world-class mold enterprise. If you are interested in our products or have questions, please click on the online customer service or toll-free number 0756 on the right side of the page- We are very happy to serve you for 8593098 consultation. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Large mold processing NJPE has unique advantages NJPE self-made 2R0. 5 forming knife, precision parts improve processing efficiency by 60%
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