Gear box of the clutch function and best temperature range

by:NJPE     2020-07-02
Gear box body acceleration deceleration, it is often said that the speed change gear box. Change the direction of transmission, for example, we use two sector gear can be vertical force transfer to another axis of rotation. Change the rotational torque. Under the condition of equal power, the faster the speed of gear, shaft torque of the smaller, conversely. On-off function of gear box, in the process of manipulation, we can separate the two meshing gears, achieve the goal of separate the motor and load. Such as brake clutch, etc. Distribution of power. For example we can use an engine, gearbox spindle drive multiple from the axis, so as to realize the function of an engine to drive more load. Because of the large wind power gearbox gear ring size, high precision machining accuracy, the inner ring gear manufacture technology in China compared with international advanced level gap is larger, mainly reflected in helical gear precision machining, heat treatment deformation control, etc. Enclosure, planet carrier and input shaft structure of the processing precision of gear meshing quality and bearing life has very important influence, such as assembly quality also determines the length of wind power gear box life and reliability of the high and low. Our country in such aspects as structure of processing and assembling accuracy from importance to realize equipment level has certain gap with foreign advanced level. High quality, high reliability of wind power gear box, in addition to advanced design technology and the necessary manufacturing equipment support, cannot leave the manufacturing process each link strict quality control. I lubricating oil gear box body, there is work the best temperature range, Suggestions for gear box on the lubrication system design a lubricant thermal management system: when the temperature exceeds a certain value of the cooling system starts to work, when the temperature is lower than a certain value when the heating system began to work, always control the temperature in the range of the best. In addition, improve the quality of the lubricating oil and lubrication system must be considered important aspects of lubricant products must have excellent low temperature fluidity and high temperature stability, to strengthen the study of high performance of lubricating oil.
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