Geometric elements of precision parts?

by:NJPE     2020-01-21
Regardless of the structural features of the parts processed by precision parts, the formed form is composed of several points, lines, surfaces, these points, lines and surfaces that make up parts are collectively referred to as geometric elements of parts. Geometric feature diagram of the part. The geometric elements of parts have the following names according to the functions of the elements in the body. 1. Ideal elements and practical elements :(1) Ideal elements are absolutely correct elements with geometric significance, such as points, straight lines, planes, balls, etc. It is in an ideal state without any shape error. (2) The actual elements are the elements actually formed by machining on precision parts. It is usually replaced by measured elements. Due to the existence of machining and measurement errors, the actual shape and position of points, lines and surfaces cannot have ideal shape and position. 2. Measured elements and benchmark elements :(1) The measured element is the element that gives the shape and position tolerance on the pattern. It is the object of detection: the surface pointed by the guide arrow in the following figure. (2) Datum element is the element used to determine the direction and position of the element to be measured. Datum symbol is applied to Mark: as shown in the figure below, plane A is the datum element. Part elements 3, single elements and associated elements :(1) A single element is an element that only requires shape tolerance for the element itself. Elements with only shape tolerance requirements and no position tolerance requirements are single elements. (2) Related elements are elements that have functional relations with other elements. The elements required for position tolerance given on the drawings of precision parts processing drawings belong to the associated elements. Functional relationship refers to the azimuth relationship between elements, such as vertical, parallel, coaxial, symmetrical, etc. The above article material comes from the Internet, for example, please contact us in time to make changes when copyright issues are involved!
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