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by:NJPE     2020-02-15
In the system of CNC machine tools, the hardware and maintenance of the system are not mentioned above, so we need to understand and master, because it is about CNC machine tools, the numerical control machine tool is one of the equipments that will be used in the mechanical processing factory, so let's look at the specific contents. When the system fails, the appearance inspection should be carried out first. The inspection objects include connection terminals, connectors, vulnerable parts, components that need regular maintenance, power supply voltage, etc. , which should be checked one by one, eliminate them one by one so as to find out problems and solve them in time. The main solutions are as follows: fault phenomenon analysis method: it is to organize relevant personnel to conduct consultation and analyze abnormal phenomena according to the characteristics of the fault, find out the rules and clues of the failure, and take preventive measures if necessary to prevent the failure from happening again. System analysis method: judge the fault parts of the system and consider each box in the block diagram of the control system separately. This method can consider only input and output, regardless of internal structure. Signal tracking method: it is based on some characteristics and parameters of the signal, compared with the normal situation, whether there is any difference. Static measurement: use multimeter to measure the on-line resistance of components and PN junction voltage of transistors, and use transistor tester to measure the quality of components. Dynamic measurement method: After visual inspection and static measurement, add AC/DC voltage, synchronous voltage and input signal lamp to the circuit board, and then use multimeter and other instruments, the output voltage, current and waveform are comprehensively analyzed and diagnosed to eliminate the fault.
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