Hardware mechanical characteristics of the CNC production and processing is given

by:NJPE     2020-07-09
Hardware mechanical characteristics of the CNC production and processing are released time: 2019 - 05 - 24 17:57:08

precision metal processing: hardware machinery CNC production and processing characteristics are:

1, for three axis in CNC production and processing, 4 axis and 5 axis, X, Y axis linear slide rail, usually in the rapid speed of 24 - 48 m/min is differ, the Z axis is chosen hard rails, mobile rate of 18 - quickly 35 m/min, three axis cutting knife 8/8/8 ( m/min) Smooth, show high speed drilling of feeding.

2, main shaft bearing transmission method for transmission belt type and direct type two kinds, belt type maximum speed ratio: 8000 RPM ( Specification) , direct type spindle bearing 12000 RPM / 15000 RPM. According to the provisions machined parts, to select suitable for CNC lathe processing.

3, according to the user must choose: camshaft $20 ATC quickly, 24 knife or sword arm type ATC absolutely, considering the requirements of customers different precision mold processing.

4, main shaft bearing knife method selects the steam pressure group, a knife when the main shaft bearing well-balanced, increase the service life of rolling bearing. To ensure the precision machining precision.

hardware machinery CNC production and processing of overall characteristic is: can make productivity, improve product quality, save Labour difficult problem!

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