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by:NJPE     2020-01-10

Precision  in terms of cutting tools, its diamond grinding wheel is mainly used in the process of operation to effectively control the back cutting amount and feed amount to a certain extent.  On ultra-precision grinding machines, ductile grinding, I . e.  nano grinding, can be carried out during operation. Even the surface of the glass can obtain an optical mirror. The development trend of precision machining and ultra-precision machining from a long-term development point of view, the manufacturing technology of its equipment is currently the main strategy and direction decision of all countries in the world to develop their national economy, it is one of the important means of a country's economic development.  At the same time, it is also a long-term plan for a country's independence, prosperity, sustained and stable economic development, and technological leadership. The development of science and technology also puts forward higher requirements for precision machining and ultra-precision precision machining technology. High efficiency and high precision machining of precision machining and ultra-precision machining can obtain extremely high surface quality and surface integrity to a certain extent, but the precision machining efficiency can be sacrificed to ensure. When the drawing method is used for processing, the maximum deformation force is only 17 t, while when the cold extrusion method is used for processing, the deformation force is 132 t, and the unit pressure acting on the cold extrusion punch reaches more than 2300MPa. In addition to high strength, the mold needs to have sufficient impact toughness and wear resistance. The precision machined metal blank has strong plastic deformation in the mold, which will raise the mold temperature to 250 ℃ ~ About 300 ℃, therefore, the mold material needs certain tempering stability. Due to the above situation, the service life of the cold extrusion die is much lower than that of the stamping die. The pursuit of high reliability of products in precision machining to a certain extent, and the relative movement of parts such as bearings while bearing the load at one time during operation, the surface roughness can be effectively reduced during operation, thus improving the wear resistance of parts, improving their working stability and prolonging their service life. Si3N4 used in high speed and high precision bearings. The surface roughness of ceramic balls is required to reach several nanometers. The chemical properties of the processed metamorphic layer are active and vulnerable to corrosion.  Therefore, from the perspective of improving the corrosion resistance of parts, the metamorphic layer generated by processing is required to be as small as possible.
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