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by:NJPE     2020-01-09

In order to realize high speed and high precision of boring, attention must be paid to the influence of cutter tooth vibration on the surface roughness and tool life. In order to prevent the decline of machining accuracy and tool life, the selected machining center must be equipped with a spindle with excellent dynamic balance performance, and the selected boring tool must also have high dynamic balance characteristics. Especially for the cutter tooth part of boring tools, geometric shapes, Cutter materials and clamping methods suitable for high-speed cutting should be selected. The R at the end of the cutting edge should be larger to improve the machining efficiency; On the premise of ensuring the same surface roughness, the feed should be increased. However, increasing the amount of feed should be enough, otherwise it will increase the cutting resistance, which is not conducive to improving the processing efficiency. The cutting edge belt shall be set to 0. Negative Chamfering below 1mm can effectively maintain the stability of tool life. In addition to precision precision machining of holes by CNC cutting, high-precision machining of holes can also be carried out by boring and reaming. With the high speed of the main shaft of the machining center, boring tools can be used for high-speed precision machining of holes. According to reports, when boring about φ40mm on aluminum alloy materials, the cutting speed can be increased to more than 1500 m/min. This cutting speed can also be used when using CBN sintered body as cutting edge to process steel, cast iron and high hardness steel. It is expected that the high speed of boring processing will be rapidly popularized in the future. As for the tool material, it varies depending on the nature of the material to be processed. For example, when processing materials such as steel below 40HRC, cermet tools can be selected.  Under the high-speed cutting condition of v = 300 m/min or more, good machining surface roughness and long tool life can be obtained. Coated hard alloy tools are suitable for high-speed cutting of steel below 60HRC.  The tool life is very stable, but the cutting speed is slightly lower than that of CerMet tools. Sintered cutting tools are suitable for processing high-hardness steel, cast iron and other materials, with a cutting speed of more than 1000 m/min and a very stable tool life. The blade belt part of CBN cutter teeth should be properly chamfered, which is extremely beneficial to stable high-speed cutting and prolonging tool life. When ultra-high speed cutting of non-ferrous and non-metallic materials such as aluminum alloy, Diamond sintered tool can be selected.  This tool has stable cutting and long tool life. It should be noted that when using diamond tools, the blade belt must be chamfered, which is an important condition to ensure stable cutting.
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