High speed and high precision machining method

by:NJPE     2020-06-24
In order to realize high speed and high precision boring processing, must pay attention to the blade vibration on the influence of surface roughness and the tool life. In order to prevent the machining precision and tool life, chooses the machining center must be equipped with dynamic balance performance of the spindle, the selected boring cutter must also has the very high dynamic balance feature. Especially the blade part of the boring tool, should choose the geometry suitable for high speed cutting, cutting tool material and pack card. Cutting edge should be the end of the R is larger, enhance processing efficiency; On the premise of guarantee for the same processing surface roughness, should increase the feeding. But increase the feeding should be enough is enough, otherwise will increase cutting resistance, is not conducive to improve processing efficiency. Cutting edge belt should be set zero. 1 mm below the negative chamfer, this can effectively maintain the stability of the knives' service life. In addition to the outside of the hole by way of CNC cutting precision machining, can also use the way such as boring and ream the hole precision machining. Along with the high speed precision machining center spindle, already can use boring tools for high speed precision precision machining hole. According to the report, the phi in aluminum alloy materials about 40 mm boring precision machining, cutting speed can increase to more than 1500 m/min. In using CBN sinter as a cutting edge when machining steel, cast iron and high hardness of the steel, and the cutting speed can be applied. Expected, high speed boring machining in the future will be popularized rapidly. As for the cutting tool material, depending on the nature and the processed material is different. Such as processing the materials such as steel, under 40 HRC can choose metal ceramic cutting tool, this tool in v = 300 m/min or more under the condition of high speed cutting, good processing surface roughness can be obtained with a longer tool life. Coated carbide cutting tools are suitable for below 60 HRC steel for high speed cutting, such as the knives' service life is very stable, but slightly lower than that of metal ceramic cutting tool cutting speed. Sintered body cutter is suitable for processing high hardness materials such as steel, cast iron, the cutting speed can reach above 1000 m/min, and the tool life is very stable. CBN cutter tooth blade take part should be appropriately chamfering processing, the processing of the stability of the high speed cutting and prolong tool life and extremely strong. In aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials for ultra high speed cutting, can choose diamond sintered body tool, this tool cutting stability, tool life is also very long. Is that should be paid attention to when using the diamond tool, cutter tooth blade belt must be chamfering processing, it is vital to guarantee the stability of cutting.
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