How do you determine the machining allowance?

by:NJPE     2020-07-07
How do you determine the machining allowance?

release time: 2016/11/12 machining of how to determine the machining allowance? The size of the machining allowance for processing speed, quality, cost has great influence. So be careful to determine the precision machining allowance. As you all know, too much of a good thing. The same is true with precision machining allowance. allowance is too big, not only increase the mechanical processing, to reduce the amount of labor productivity, and increase the material, cutting tool and the electricity consumption, improve the processing cost; allowance is too small, cannot eliminate all kinds of surface defect and error, before can't compensate the installation error of the workpiece when precision machining, resulting in waste. So, machining allowance should choose carefully. To determine the machining allowance method has the following three: first, the look-up table method. According to the relevant manual machining allowance provided by the data, and then modify it in combination with the practical situation of our factory produced after determine the machining allowance. This is the factory widely, using the method. Second, experience estimation method. Experience to determine the allowance according to process itself. Generally in order to prevent allowance is too small and scrap, estimated allowance always larger. They can be used for single piece and small batch production. Third, the analysis and calculation method. According to the theoretical formula and experimental data, to analyze the various factors influencing the machining allowance, calculation to determine the machining allowance. This method is reasonable, but need comprehensive and reliable experimental data, calculation is more complex. In material is very valuable or only commonly used in a few large, mass production of the factory.

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