How much do you know about wire cutting, can precision parts be processed?

by:NJPE     2020-01-21
In general, people's understanding of precision parts processing is usually CNC machining, three-axis machining, etc. In fact, people still forget a special processing method in common processing methods, that is the electric spark wire cutting machine, referred to as wire cutting processing. The WEDM machine adopts electrode wire (Molybdenum wire, tungsten Molybdenum wire) As the tool electrode and the working fluid as the medium, under the action of high-frequency pulse power supply, a spark discharge is formed between the tool electrode and the processed workpiece, and the discharge channel instantly generates high temperature, which makes the surface of the workpiece melt or even gasify, the electrode wire moves along a predetermined trajectory, thus achieving the purpose of machining the workpiece. Wire cutting can be used for precision parts processing. It has the advantages of small machining allowance, high machining precision, short production cycle and the like, and has been widely used in the mechanical parts production industry. It is mainly used for processing various complicated and precise small workpieces, such as fixing plates, unloading plates, etc. , forming tools, templates, plastic molds, hobbing knives, precision parts ( Including large taper, equal cone, unequal cone, upper and lower special-shaped and other complex surfaces) And large moulds with large load and thickness, metal electrodes for electric spark forming, various fine holes, narrow slots, arbitrary curves, etc. Wire cutting precision parts processing can not be compared with CNC machining, but individual uses still have their own unique features.
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