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by:NJPE     2020-02-15
CNC machine tools, because of their many uses, especially in CNC machining centers, so its maintenance is also very important, but also a technology, to study and master, can not be sloppy. Then, how should we repair the CNC machine tool? It can be expanded from the following aspects and attached with pictures of machine tools as follows: 1. Read more numerical control data to understand as much as possible the functions of various numerical control systems, PLC programmable controllers, programming methods and languages, as well as various types of machine tools, and to be familiar with various control panels. While looking at the data, we should grasp the key points and main points, and have a thorough understanding of the basic composition and structure of the numerical control system, because some knowledge of various machine tools is the same, and we can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study. 2. Look at the electrical diagram. Electrical components will be marked on the electrical diagram. In addition, each country has different regulations and standards for electrical symbols, so attention should be paid to them. In addition, it is necessary to make clear its function and context. If the drawings are more complicated, they should be decomposed. 3. Read more foreign languages in order to improve your reading ability. A competent maintenance personnel should have certain abilities in language. Reading some foreign language materials often can not only improve one's language ability, but also obtain some latest technologies. 4. Ask more questions and ask more questions about the whole process of the failure after the machine tool fails. Don't ask or just ask casually. This will often lead to wrong judgment and not only cannot solve the problem, on the contrary, it may complicate and expand the problem. Therefore, it is clear and detailed, and after full investigation, the problem can be solved correctly and quickly. 5. Think more, practice more problems, think more, avoid falling into inertial thinking, list all the possible causes one by one, and exclude them one by one. You can't take it for granted. At the same time, according to the frequency and repeatability of faults, spare parts can be carefully and carefully prepared. When repairing, you must be bold and cautious, dare to do it, but you can't do it blindly. You should be familiar with the situation before you start. If the cause of some faults is not very certain, then a variety of methods should be used to determine. In addition, we can also detect faults through some instruments, which is helpful to analyze and solve faults, especially some complicated problems. Unless indicated,
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