How to avoid easy 'burning' and 'explosion' when processing precision parts of magnesium alloy '! ! !

by:NJPE     2020-01-19
When magnesium alloy is processed in the processing stage of precision parts, fine chips and fine powder will easily reach the ignition point temperature, causing combustion or explosion accidents. The chip size produced in the initial processing stage is relatively large. Due to the high thermal conductivity of magnesium, the friction heat generated can be quickly dissipated, so it is difficult to reach the ignition point temperature. Accidents occur less at this stage. How to avoid the easy 'burning' and 'explosion' of magnesium alloy, NJPE precision technicians share their practical experience: 1. Control the cutting speed. The cutting heat generated in the machining of magnesium alloy precision parts will increase in proportion to the cutting speed, so the cutting speed has a great influence on the cutting temperature. In actual work, the cutting heat generated by different cutting speeds will change the color of the oxide film on the chip surface. Therefore, the safe cutting speed can be estimated by cutting the oxide film color of magnesium alloy at different cutting speeds. 2. Correct selection of cutting fluid. Unless the machine tool construction itself is limited, the cutting fluid should always be fully supplied and the chip temperature should be reduced in time during magnesium alloy processing. Considering the chemical characteristics of magnesium, the selection of cutting fluid should avoid using combustible, strong oxidizing and high water content liquid, so as to prevent the cooling liquid from burning or reacting exothermic in case of high temperature magnesium scrap. In addition, the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, guide rail oil and spindle oil used by the machine tool are mostly combustible liquids, and the general oil storage is not small, so magnesium alloy should be specially inspected before processing precision parts, whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage in each position of the machine tool, prevention should be done in advance.
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