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by:NJPE     2020-02-17
How to maintain quality in large-scale machining 1. In the process of large-scale mechanical processing, the quality of raw materials is controlled. Generally, the high-quality raw materials are the prerequisite for the production of high-quality products. No matter by what means, after the raw materials arrive at the factory, they must undergo strict chemical composition inspection, grain size measurement and Purity Evaluation. Its purpose is to adjust the heat treatment deformation in time and improve the quality in tooth profile processing. 2. 2. Civilized production: more than 30% of the gear transmission noise comes from burrs and bumps. It is a passive practice for some factories to remove burrs and bumps before assembling gear boxes. 3. Make organizational preparations for handling. It should be noted that in normalizing or quenching and tempering treatment, the furnace temperature must be kept uniform, and station appliances must be used to evenly heat and cool the workpieces. It is strictly prohibited to pile them together. 4. Large mechanical processing needs to control the precision of gears and the basic requirements of gear precision. Practice has proved that the precision of gears must be controlled at GB10995- 887 ~ Grade 8, gear with linear speed higher than 20 m/s, limit deviation of Tooth pitch, radial runout tolerance of gear ring and tooth direction tolerance must be stable to grade 7 accuracy. 5. Prevent heat treatment deformation: the tooth blank is made into fine forging after rough processing, and is normalized or quenched and tempered. Precautions for large-scale mechanical processing large-scale mechanical processing should wear protective equipment before work, and gloves and scarves are prohibited. Before the machine tool is started, it is necessary to know the purpose or operation method of each handle, check whether all parts of the machine tool are running normally. Before the machine tool is started, the cutter and workpiece must be clamped with a wrench. The machine tool is not allowed to be started without the permission of the instructor. Large mechanical processing machine tools are not allowed to work such as speed change, chip cleaning or size measurement before starting, and are not allowed to touch the running parts, if any foreign matter or chip is found on the machine tool, it is not allowed to take it by hand or blow it with your mouth. When it is found that the object is loose or the equipment is abnormal, you should stop immediately.
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