How to maintain the processing center?

by:NJPE     2020-02-16
1. Appearance maintenance: keep the inner and outer surfaces of the machine tool clean. Mainly remove iron filings, oil stains and other sundries from the machine, the workbench and the three-axis telescopic shield. 2. Maintenance of cooling water tank: regularly check the liquid level and add coolant (Or water), Regular replacement. 3. Maintenance of tool Magazine: keep clean and keep the tools tidy. Before Operation, check whether the tool magazine is running normally, whether there is any disorder or loss of knife, and whether the tool handle screw is loose or not. 4. Maintenance of electrical cabinet: check whether all cooling fans are working normally, and clean up dust and sundries on fans and filters in time. 5. Maintenance of air source: Check whether the pressure of pneumatic control system is normal and whether there is air leakage, and keep the pipeline unblocked; 6. Maintenance of lubricating oil: Check whether the amount of oil in the cooling tank of the main shaft oil and whether it works normally, and add cooling oil in time; Check the oil quantity of the guide rail lubricating oil tank. If the oil quantity is insufficient, add lubricating oil in time. 7. Maintenance of hydraulic oil: whether there is abnormal noise in the hydraulic pump of the oil tank, whether the height of the working oil surface is normal, add hydraulic oil in time, whether there is leakage in pipelines and joints, and whether the pressure of the pressure gauge is normal. 8. Peripheral site maintenance: Clean the iron filings and sundries around the equipment every day to keep the surrounding site clean and tidy, and the workpieces are placed neatly. 9, when necessary, you can do machine tool damage evaluation, a comprehensive understanding of the machine tool situation.
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