How to reduce the cost of automobile moulds? See how BMW customers choose!

by:NJPE     2020-02-06
BMW is one of the three major German luxury brands. Its brand was founded in 1916 and its headquarters is located in Munich, Germany. In today's increasingly fierce competition in the world's auto industry, the competition for luxury cars is becoming more intense. ABB, as a veteran of luxury car array, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have all lowered their prices in models with the same performance level. BMW has even introduced a 5% price reduction feedback for 7 models of 3 car series this year. On a year-on-year basis, BMW's quarterly sales report showed that its profit value remained stable without damage. So how did BMW do it? It can be seen from the cost of automobile molds. Molds are related to the speed of new car development, and speed means market capture. Moulds account for 20% of BMW's global purchasing share. BMW's car series have very high requirements on the technology and precision of automobile moulds due to their excellent quality requirements, but under the pressure of market competition, it is necessary to find ways to shorten the delivery period, reduce costs, and speed up the listing of new models. BMW has been looking for mold suppliers that can shorten delivery time, optimize products and improve machining accuracy. Under this opportunity, NJPE mould relies on its advantages of 30 years of technical precipitation, full import of automation equipment, whole process quality control, etc. , and according to the cooperation experience with world-renowned automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Honda, successfully entered the BMW mould supplier system in 2013. In the two years of cooperation, NJPE has passed BMW's strict delivery and quality requirements. It has cooperated with BMW for more than 50 sets of molds and has successfully put into production more than 20 sets of molds. No mold problems affect production, it has also won the approval of BMW customers, helping BMW to shorten the delivery period of three models, and contributing to BMW's market share. In 2015, the two sides will have a stronger willingness to cooperate, and it is expected that the number of cooperative molds will double this year. NJPE has the technology and equipment for the whole set of solutions of automobile injection molds and automobile stamping molds, providing one-stop services for customer product projects. You are welcome to call or consult the online customer service on the right, NJPE-To provide you with the solution to the mold product project! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE automobile mold top 500 enterprises preferred: ultra short delivery, perfect quality, production frequent mold failure how to do? NJPE, a precision mold manufacturer, will solve your problems!
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