How to reduce the metal processing cost

by:NJPE     2020-07-06
How to reduce the cost of hardware processing time: 2019 - 05 - 24 17:47:06

some due manufacturer so the increasing cost of goods produced and are afraid to try and choose give up. Below, metal processing to teach you how to reduce the hardware cost of processing.

1, the freight logistics promotion: freight logistics entities is the very easy to ignore others stage, do processing technology together with the whole process of the goods freight logistics process in the form of engineering drawings reflect out, you can see that commodity capital turnover of extravagance and waste, this stage I think also how to do it, depends on whether you go or not to do.

2, material: to properly measure commonly used raw material specifications, can save raw materials are unnecessarily must save production and processing of raw materials comprehensive working hours. This way the most immediately, the most reasonable.

3, processing process: the ascension of the editorial projects in the processing technology of the production process scheme can reduce processing difficulty coefficient, increased productivity, appropriate design and selection of high efficiency work clothes can be more than about purpose. This way must be professional and technical personnel of high level athletes, processing craft plan no yes, best can only be stronger, if with the core idea of lean production management, to continuously improve the quality of production and manufacturing, and control the cost.

all in all, to control the cost, the key point, from the ideological concept, to identify and eliminate any extravagance and waste in the process of precision machining, reduce inventory, improve the quality level, clear process of waiting and unnecessary posture, then more than cost control goal.

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