'Human body parts' made by magnesium alloy processing'

by:NJPE     2020-01-19
Does human body parts sound a bit creepy? In fact, 'Human body parts' are made of magnesium alloy, because magnesium alloy is easy to form and has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and unique biodegradation function, magnesium is one of the necessary macro metal elements for human body, so the choice of magnesium alloy processing is the only choice for medical precision parts. Magnesium alloy bone tissue engineering scaffold multi-woven engineering pore magnesium scaffold: as a degradable biological material, porous magnesium can provide three-dimensional growth space for cells, which is conducive to the exchange and transportation of nutrients and metabolites, it has biological activity itself and can induce cell differentiation and growth and vascular ingress. Magnesium alloy vascular stent, vascular stent: endovascular stent implantation has become the main treatment method for coronary artery and peripheral vascular obstructive diseases. Degradable intravascular stents made of magnesium and magnesium alloy will gradually degrade and disappear after completing their mission in human body. Magnesium alloy bone implant material, bone implant material: the advantage of bone fixation material made of magnesium and magnesium alloy is that it is close to human bone density and mechanical properties, and can effectively reduce stress shielding effect, at the same time, the alkaline environment of magnesium degradation can play an antibacterial role. Magnesium has good compatibility with bone tissue, and magnesium also has the effect of promoting vascularization.
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