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by:NJPE     2020-02-16
Large-scale mechanical processing technology uses corresponding processing methods to process and manufacture mechanical parts during operation, so as to make their shapes, sizes and properties conform to corresponding standards, it mainly includes rough machining, finishing, assembly, inspection and packaging, etc. As long as everyone ensures that each processing process can make the finished product more standardized and reasonable, and ensure that it meets relevant standards. So what large-scale machining technologies do you need to master in the machining process? 1. Remove the oxide scale on the parts, and at the same time, the appearance of the processed parts should not have scratches, scratches and other defects. 2. When the assembly is too heavy, it should ensure that its shape, length, size and temperature conform to relevant standards, and at the same time ensure the sealing performance of the whole system so as not to affect the assembly hydraulic system. 3. In the process of assembly, it can avoid bumping, scratching or rusting of parts, which will affect the large-scale machining and affect the performance of the product, let our work not continue normally. The main characteristics of large-scale mechanical processing are good comprehensive mechanical properties, low temperature impact toughness, low notch sensitivity and good hardenability after quenching and tempering. High strength can be obtained when the oil is cold, and parts are easy to crack when the water is cooled. After tempering or tempering, The machinability is good, but the weldability is not good and cracks are easy to occur. After quenching and tempering at medium temperature, it is used to manufacture mechanical parts with heavy load and medium speed, such as oil pump rotor, slider, gear, main shaft, etc. After quenching and low temperature tempering, it is used to manufacture heavy-duty, low impact and wear-resistant mechanical parts, such as worm, main shaft, shaft, etc. After Carbonitriding, transmission parts with larger size and higher low-temperature impact toughness, such as shafts and gears, are manufactured. Requirements for safe production of mechanical processing equipment 1. The materials used in mechanical processing equipment must meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection, and materials harmful to human body and not qualified by the safety department are not allowed to be used. 2. The overall structure of mechanical processing equipment must be flat and smooth without sharp edges and corners. 3. Mechanical processing equipment that is easy to cause injury accidents must adopt completely fixed or semi-fixed airtight covers. 4. Mechanical processing equipment shall adopt mechanical or electrical barriers, interlocking devices and two-handed disconnecting devices. 5. Automatic or semi-automatic charging and discharging device. 6. Automatic or manual emergency stop devices shall be installed.
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