Improve the precision parts processing efficiency

by:NJPE     2020-07-01
Improve the efficiency of precision parts processing release date: 2019 - 05 - 29 10:53:49

then, mechanical processing precision mold processing and manufacturing industry, the development trend of continuous metal processing precision rules also in unceasing development, precision mold processing technology in recent years the rise of production technology, thus is suitable on thin-walled parts.

enhance precision parts processing efficiency:

precision parts processing system processes will show CNC blade damage to accelerate, production processing and surface integrity is poor, cutting cleaning hard relevance, serious damage to the quality of this materials precision parts processing, production cycle time and the cost of production.

according to the metal materials professional skills learning drilling, metal materials, precision parts processing described basic principle of the basic theory of material production and processing difficulties to carry out the analysis, to find a set of effective drilling, reaming, boring and production of stainless steel plate material processing professional skills.

get super RunHua production and processing precision parts processing requirements of surface and high processing precision, this requires a knife with high specification shou limit, CNC blade is damaged, will be in production and processing based on the surface quality, whether to reduce the deviation.

diamond blade of a high standard life limit, high speed drilling CNC blade when damage is also very slow. So super hardware mechanical drilling, cutting parameter is not affected by CNC blade life of limit of traction, is different and often drilling standards.

precision parts processing focus on the selection of main parameters including cutting tool selection, selection of cutting parameter and drilling depth 1 and the choice of feeding rate, etc. We know from the past experience in production and processing plastic deformation materials if choose a lot of anterior horn of CNC blade can effectively contain the devolop tumor, before it is CNC blade Angle to expand, the cutting speed, cutting deformation is small, the numerical control with the touch of cutting length shorter, reduces the devolop tumor composed of basic.

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