In precision parts processing, one of the four cutting shapes produced must have been encountered by you

by:NJPE     2020-02-06
In the process of cutting and forming materials for precision parts processing, the final cutting shape is also different due to different densities and conditions of the processed materials, in general, the cutting shape formed will form four different types, namely band cutting, extrusion cutting, granular cutting and jump cutting, as shown in the following figure. (1) Strip cutting: during cutting, if the slip on the slip surface is not reached, the rupture strength (That is, the plastic deformation is not sufficient), Will form a continuous strip cutting ,(See Figure a) The side near the cutting is very smooth and the other side is hairy. When cutting plastic metal materials ( Such as carbon steel, alloy steel, copper and alloy copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy) Or the rake angle of the tool is relatively large, and such cutting often occurs when the cutting speed is too high (2)Extrusion cutting (Also known as pitch cutting) In the cutting process, if the slip on the slip surface is sufficient and reaches the breaking strength of the material, the local material on the slip surface will rupture into a joint shape, however, the side in contact with the front can still be connected to each other without being broken, which is called extrusion cutting (See Figure B) It is easier to get this kind of cutting when cutting steel with large feed. (3) Granular cutting: during the cutting process, if the fracture strength of the material is exceeded on the entire slip surface, the cutting will become granular cutting (See Figure c) This type of cutting occurs when cutting plastic materials with low speed and large feed. Precision Parts Processing (4) Crushing cutting: when cutting brittle metal materials such as cast iron and brass, the cutting layer will crack almost without plastic deformation. The resulting cutting is irregular granular (See Figure B)The surface of the processed workpiece is also rough. What kind of problems do you encounter when processing precision parts? Precision parts processing http://www . aamfg. com. Cn/the above article comes from Nanjing Precision Engineering Co. , Ltd the above pictures and texts are searched on the internet. If the copyright of the work is involved, please inform us at the first time. We will confirm the copyright according to the supporting materials you provide and delete the content immediately!
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