In the hardware system of nc machine tools and maintenance methods of the system

by:NJPE     2020-07-14
Nc machine tools system, hardware and maintenance of the system is also made no mention of the content of the front, so is that we need to understand and master, because it is about the CNC machine, and nc machine tools is one of the equipment is used in the mechanical processing plants, then the following specific content. After the system failure, shall, first of all, the appearance inspection, the inspection objects including connection terminal, connectors, vulnerable parts, need regular maintenance of components as well as the power supply voltage and so on these, to check one by one, ruled out one by one, in order to find out problems in time, solve the problem. Its solution mainly has the following several, is: the failure phenomenon analysis: is based on the characteristics of the fault, organize relevant personnel to carry on the consultation, analyze the abnormal phenomena, clues to find out the rule of fault, and so on, if it is necessary to take preventive measures, in case of failure to happen again. System analysis: determine the system of fault location, considering each of the separate the box in the control system block diagram. This method can not consider the internal structure, only consider the input and output. Signal tracking method: is according to the signal features, parameters and so on, compared with normal, whether there is a difference. Static measurement method: use a multimeter to measure components of online resistance, and voltage of PN junction transistor, transistor tester was used to measure components of good or bad. Dynamic measurement method: after visual inspection and the static measurement, a circuit board with ac/dc voltage, synchronous voltage and input signal, and then use the multimeter instrument, such as the output voltage, current and waveform and so on to conduct a comprehensive analysis of diagnosis and troubleshooting.
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