In the process of mechanical parts processing surface finish inspection discussion

by:NJPE     2021-01-30
When viewing any kind of mechanical parts processing size measurement request, there are few all information can be used for the request. Even simple outer diameter inspection, also need not only know the tolerance, but also know where tolerance, check, the number of parts to measure, and so on, because all these information can help you find the best method. Measurement solutions. To find the best solution that could satisfy the requirement of surface finish. Let's look at a very specific mechanical parts processing surface finish requirements: in 2. 3 mm measuring 1 take 45 degree chamfer. 6 micron surface finish, this is a typical sealing function between the two parts. Size on the print is clear; We know that the surface roughness, chamfering in particular in the position of the hole diameter and size. However, some specific information not on the print. Need a important information, especially the inspection information of surface finish, is put the characteristics on the parts manufacturing methods. It's in turning, grinding or other? This information will tell us whether you need the axial or radial measurement characteristics of the surface finish. Once you know the information, then consider: this is a specific parts, or may be measured parts family? If the latter, how many parts are variant, how much is the size range? This will help system is defined as fixed or utility. How long will check on the surface finish of these components, or how long should check it? This will help to provide the type of gauge. Where is the gauge used? Beside the parts production or in the lab? This will help determine the need for measuring robustness. Whether you need a PC to collect data or export the data? Measuring tool operator skills? They have the ability to evaluate? Once you have mastered the basic knowledge of mechanical parts processing to perform actual method of surface roughness measurement will become very technical. In some cases, must have knowledge of the specific technical information to set the surface finish rules in order to obtain the best effect. For such a short check, please consider to determine is used to calculate the correct deadline ( Lc) The value of the method. Due to the surface finish requirement of 1. 6 microns, therefore national specification recommended to put this roughness length is set to 0. The critical value of 8 mm. Minimum length is zero. 8 mm, ensures that exist 'roughness' enough to perform the roughness mathematical calculation. If the cutoff value is too low, the roughness of the measured value will be lower than the actual value, because the roughness values of components will be out of place in the calculation. Know to the surface of the axial measurement on the chamfer length is 2. 3 mm, so the actual line length will be 1. 6 mm ( 0. 8 mm x 2) To ensure stylus physically retained in the process of evaluation on the chamfer surface. Usually, when measuring the Ra, using a total of five cut-off value ( 0. 8毫米x 5) To calculate the average roughness. But it's too long for this surface. Therefore, the system must be set to the stroke length adjustment for the two cut-off value. As filtration process need to eliminate the first and the last one by the length of one 5, so we will have a cut-off value or zero. 8 mm surface to be analysed. As you can imagine, the length of the sample may not be enough to achieve best repeated measurement data in the sample areas around. Data may not be wrong - Most is inconsistent, and the user should understand and expectations. This is not manufacturer limitation, it is related to any mechanical parts processing surface finish system conditions. This scheme provides a good example, shows where to provide certain information, put forward the question, provides the solution, and because the specific mechanical parts processing, can verify the validity of measurement results. Unless disclosed all the details of the measurement process, otherwise you will never know this.
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