Installation and processing methods of slot knives for precision parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-01-23
Slot cutter is a tool used for cutting precision parts processing, also known as cutting tools. The material of the knife has the following properties: first, it has high hardness, and its normal temperature hardness is above hrc60. Second, it has sufficient strength and toughness, sufficient bending strength and sufficient toughness to resist impact vibration. Third, it has high wear resistance. It has very high wear resistance and can keep the blade sharp. Fourth, high thermal hardness, high hardness can be maintained at high temperatures. Fifth, good manufacturability, easy tool manufacturing and heat treatment. The size of the slot knife varies according to the equipment used. Slot knife 1. Installation of outer slot cutter 1. When the cutter can meet the processing requirements, the slot cutter should not extend too long during installation. 2. During transverse feeding, the height of the main blade is controlled at 0. Within 2mm, the blade and the workpiece center should be as high as possible. 3. The blade should be perpendicular to the center as far as possible, and the two auxiliary deflection angles are symmetrical to ensure that the main blade is parallel to the workpiece axis. Second, the processing method of the straight groove outside the car 1. When turning grooves with shallow depth and narrow width, a slot knife with a width equal to the width of the groove can be used, and a one-time straight-in method can be used for turning out. 2. The groove with precision parts processing requirements is generally driven out by two straight-in methods. The above article material comes from the Internet, for example, please contact us in time to make changes when copyright issues are involved!
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