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by:NJPE     2020-02-15
CNC turning is the content of CNC machining and is often used in the daily production of CNC machining center manufacturers. Therefore, for those who want to know this knowledge, it is an unavoidable content, so Xiao Bian will introduce this content in detail today so that everyone can have learning materials and have a certain understanding and understanding of it. What does numerical control turning process include? According to the professional introduction of Wuxi Tiecheng machinery, it mainly includes the following aspects :(1) Select and determine the NC turning content of parts; (2) Process Analysis of NC turning on drawings; (3) Select Tools and fixtures, adjust the design to adapt them; (4)Design processing procedures and steps; (5)Calculate and optimize the machining trajectory; (6) Compile, verify or modify CNC turning procedures; (7) The first piece shall be subjected to trial processing, and if there is any problem or deviation, it shall be treated or adjusted; (8) Compile technical documents of numerical control processing technology for reference and implementation. Process Analysis of numerical control turning: to analyze the process is to check whether the process is reasonable and correct, because it is related to the processing efficiency and quality of the machine tool and the processing accuracy of parts. Therefore, programmers are required to understand the performance principle, structure and use of machine tools, as well as to master programming language and programming format, so as to formulate a reasonable process. In addition, the tool and workpiece clamping methods should also be selected correctly, because this is also very important. (1) The analysis contents of the part drawing include the analysis of dimensioning method, the analysis of contour geometric elements, the analysis of precision and technical requirements, etc. , as well as the rationality analysis of the part structure and processing requirements, and the selection of corresponding process standards. (2) The analysis of precision and technical requirements is to analyze the precision and technical aspects of the parts to be processed, which is a relatively important content. The analysis is accurate, only in this way can the processing method, clamping method, cutting tool and cutting amount be reasonably and correctly selected, so that the required precision can be achieved after the parts are processed. (Figure/text http://www . wxdtc. com /)
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