Interpretation of the contents of machine tool operation procedures, Nanjing Precision Engineering Co., ltd

by:NJPE     2020-02-18
The operating rules of the machine tool are what we need to know in advance when operating any kind of machine tool, so as to correctly operate all kinds of machine tools and avoid unnecessary troubles caused by some improper operations. 1. At work (1) Operators should operate according to the specified requirements. If they want to leave the machine tool, they should turn off the air source and power supply and prevent the machine tool from being unmanned. (2)Machine tools cannot be overloaded and used with excessive performance. (3) Tools, workpieces, etc. shall be clamped correctly, and the clamping shall be firm and cannot be beaten by heavy hammer. (4) Transmission and feed mechanism, to check whether it can work normally. (5) Knives and abrasive tools should be kept sharp. If they become blunt or damaged, they should be replaced immediately. (6) The safety protection device cannot be disassembled at will. If there is no such device, the machine tool cannot be used. (7) Tools, workpieces or other sundries cannot be placed on the machine tool. (8) Attention should be paid to the operation of the machine tool at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for inspection. (9)The machine tool should be kept clean and clean. 2. After work (1) Operate the handle, switch, etc. in the correct position. (2)After the machine stops running, cut off the gas source and power supply. (3) Clean the machine, clean the operation site, and then carry out the maintenance of the machine. (4)Do a good job of Operation record and shift change.
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