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by:NJPE     2020-01-14

What are the acceptance of parts in precision machining? Specifically, including acceptance requirements and acceptance procedures, today we will introduce the contents of the two parts of acceptance requirements and acceptance procedures, as follows. I.  Acceptance requirements 1. Appearance inspection (1) Check whether the smoothness of the processed parts meets the requirements of the drawings. (2) Check whether the surface of the machined part is damaged, rusted, bruised and whether the thread shape and angle are correct. (3) If the above problems are found, detailed records should be made for future reference. 2. Quantity acceptance (1) Based on the supply contract and processing vouchers, strictly check the material, specification and quantity of the processed parts against the drawings, and check them one by one. (2) Make a good record of quantity acceptance, stating the place, time, participants, types, names, arrival and actual quantity of acceptance. 3. Quality acceptance (1) Assemble in strict accordance with the regulations and procedures required by the final assembly drawings. (2)Record carefully during quality acceptance. If there is a quality problem with the workpiece, the outsourcing processing unit shall be notified in writing of the details. Decide whether to return or replace it as appropriate. (3) If there are special requirements, the processing unit can be found to jointly check and assemble, and the acceptance documents can be signed only after the installation is qualified. Second, the acceptance procedure 1. After receiving the machined parts, full-time acceptance personnel will be sent to check and accept the materials, specifications, models and quantities of the machined parts according to the requirements of the contract and the drawings. 2. The acceptance period is generally 1-2 days. According to special circumstances, the use effect is determined. If there is a quality problem, it can be returned to the processing unit, claim, and the processing unit bears economic losses. 3. Generally, the processing contract signed by the non-production department will be directly checked and accepted by the department used, and the acceptance report will be filled in. 4. For unqualified parts after acceptance, the acceptance personnel must go through the maintenance and return procedures within the prescribed acceptance period. 5. The acceptance of special precision precision machining parts shall be jointly accepted by full-time acceptance personnel to organize relevant personnel, and the acceptance report shall be filled in detail. For parts that fail to pass the acceptance, the inspection form shall be filled in detail as a condition for improving the precision machining accuracy and determining the selection direction of future parts outsourcing manufacturers. Unless noted, the article is original for the processing of Tiecheng machinery precision machinery parts, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the address of this article, thank you. Source: http://www . wxdtc. com/news. asp
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