Introduction to install clip, clamp selection principles and nc machining processing error

by:NJPE     2020-07-04
Many contents in nc machining, so the front is also described, and today is no exception, is also about this, but the content must be website WWW. wxdtc。 Com is not, what are the specific content, here small make up not generalize, after you finish see will understand. At the same time, to understand these, also is the extension of precision machinery parts processing. 1. Nc machining parts of the basic principles of the clamping positioning installation, the most main is reasonable selection of locating datum and loading plan, we should follow the principles of concrete is: ( 1) Design, process and programming, these three as to integrate the benchmark; ( 2) Clamp times to minimize, as far as possible in a clip the machining surface can be obtained at all location. 2. The basic principles of selection during the nc machining fixture ( 1) Fixture and machine tool coordinate direction should be relatively fixed, the size of the parts and machine tool coordinate system will try to coordinate. ( 2) If the processing capacity is not very big, should try to adopt modular fixture, adjustable clamp or other is versatile, so as to shorten the production time, reduce the production cost. ( 3) If it is a batch production, so can consider special fixture, but the fixture structure is as simple as possible. ( 4) Parts of the loading and unloading to can fast, convenient and reliable, and fixture parts should not interfere with parts of the surface processing. 3. error in nc precision machining error in nc machining, mainly includes the programming error, machine tool error, error and the positioning of the knife, etc. Programming error: error is occurring in the process of programming, the approximation error and roundness error. Machine tool error: mainly including CNC system, feed system errors. Positioning error: artifacts, or jig in the process of positioning error. The knife error: refers to the relative position of the cutting tool and the workpiece produced by the error.
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