Introduction to machining processing principle and safety considerations

by:NJPE     2020-06-21
What are the principles of management of mechanical processing? In the mechanical processing, what security considerations? Today is detailed answer to both questions, hoping to be helpful to the readers, specific content as follows. 1. processing principle of three principles of management of specific mechanical processing, is: ( 1) In order to ensure the machining accuracy, rough and finish machining separately from the best. Because when rough machining, cutting quantity is big, the workpiece by cutting force, clamping force, heat, and the machining surface has the obvious work hardening phenomenon, artifacts within the larger internal stress, if rough, rough machining of consecutive, after finishing the parts precision will soon lost because of the stress redistribution. For some high machining accuracy requirements of parts. Before after rough machining and finish machining, also should be arranged or aging treatment of low temperature annealing process to eliminate internal stress. ( 2) Reasonably choose equipment. Roughing cut off most of the machining allowance, does not require high machining accuracy, so rough machining should be bigger in the power and the high accuracy of machine tools, finishing process demands with relatively high precision machine tool processing. Rough and finish machining on the machine in different, can give full play to the equipment capacity, and can prolong the service life of precision machine tools. ( 3) In the machining process, often are scheduled for heat treatment process. Location arrangement is as follows: heat treatment process to improve the machinability of metals, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, general arrangement before machining. To eliminate internal stress, such as aging treatment, conditioning treatment, such as general arrangement, after rough machining, but before finishing. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the parts, such as carburizing, quenching and tempering, general arrangement after machining. Such as heat treatment after large deformation, but also should arrange the final precision machining process. 2. Security considerations in machining ( 1) Convenience of operation, reduce moving back and forth, avoid unnecessary bending over, step stool. ( 2) Accurate, reliable and prevent a slight vibration occurs misoperation. ( 3) Machine tool equipment operation direction and direction by the operating components to conform to the provisions, and has the simple symbols. ( 4) Make necessary interlock mechanism, prevent operating parts don't coordinate their movements, and they could not coordinate operation accidents. ( 5) Handle, hand wheel, structure and arrangement of button position to conform to the rules. Start button should be installed in the chassis or installed to prevent accidental touch with ring. Installed on the shaft lever of hand wheel, handle, the automatic feed, with shaft rotation cuts, so should be installed automatically out device. Unless noted, original articles for citizen machinery large-scale machinery processing, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/news。 asp
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