Introduction to milling machine milling cutter type, safety rules and maintenance

by:NJPE     2020-06-23
Milling machine is a kind of processing equipment, also is a kind of machine tool, in order to have a better understanding on milling machine, small make up specially collected on the Internet about some knowledge of the milling machine, the type, safety rules and maintenance of the milling cutter, through the introduction of the three aspects, the hope can give to buy friends some guidance or help of CNC milling machine, is introduced as follows. A milling cutter, the type of the milling cutter types are: the cylindrical milling cutter: used in the horizontal plane milling machine processing. Distribution on the circumference of the milling cutter blade, according to the tooth shape is divided into two kinds of straight teeth and helical teeth. According to the number of points, coarse teeth and serration two kinds. Spiral teeth less rough gear milling cutter teeth, blade intensity is high, should the space is large, suitable for rough precision machining; Fine-tooth milling cutter is suitable for the finishing. Face milling cutter: used for vertical milling machine, end milling machine or, gantry milling machine, end face and the circumference of a circle are blade, there are coarse teeth and serration. Its structure has integral, with tooth and indexable type 3 kinds. Vertical milling cutter: used for precision machining grooves and level surface, blade on the circumference of a circle and end face, the axial feed at work can't. When the vertical milling cutter with through the center of the end tooth, the axial feed. Side milling cutter: used for processing various grooved surface and steps, the two sides and have the blade on the circumference of a circle. Angle cutter: for the groove milling with a certain Angle, which has two kinds of single Angle and double Angle cutter. Second, the safety rule 1. Unloading workpieces, must remove the cutting tool, cutting the head, hand shall not be close to the milling surface. 2. Using milling machine of knife, it must be slow into or hand, forbid to fast-forward, feeding, no parking. 3. Pay attention to when fast cutting milling machine handle hit someone. 4. Feeding is not allowed to be too fast, not sudden change, milling machine should be set limit stop. 5. And measurement, adjust the cutting tool, workpiece fastening speed up and down, both must stop milling machine. 6. Disassembling endmill, countertops should pad board, flat cutter pull down the nut, shall not be too hard. 7. It is forbidden to touch or use cotton yarn to clean rotating parts and tools, with the hand to hold the knife dish is prohibited. Third, maintenance of 1. Clean ( 1) Remove the cleaning each felt pads; ( 2) Wipe the slip surface and the guide surface, wipe the table and transverse, lift screw transmission mechanism and the tool rest, wipe away the edge of the sword; ( 3) Wipe the each corner. 2. Lubrication ( 1) The oil hole cleaning unblocked and infuse lubricating oil; ( 2) The guide surface and slip surface and the screw filling lubricating oil; ( 3) Inspecting the oil level of transmission mechanism of oil box, and go to level position. 3. Corrosion protection ( 1) Ministries to remove rust, protect the paint surface, not collision; ( 2) Downtime, spare equipment guideway, sliding screw handwheel and other exposed corrosion rusty parts with oil easily. ( Figure/http://www. wxdtc。 com/)
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