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by:NJPE     2020-01-08

Gantry planer is a kind of machine tool.  It is very common in large-scale precision machining.  It can be used to planing large workpieces or planing multiple workpieces at the same time, therefore, it has brought great convenience to production and processing.  Today we will have a good understanding of it.  The following will introduce it from several aspects.  The specific content will be launched soon.  Please pay close attention! 1. Structural principle the motion of the gantry planer is mainly the motion of the workbench, which generally carries the workpiece for linear reciprocating motion, while the planer knife performs horizontal or vertical intermittent motion, so, its tool holder can move in both horizontal and vertical directions. In addition, the gantry planer is driven by a DC motor and can perform stepless speed regulation, so its movement is very stable. 2. Motion forms the motion forms of the gantry Planer include: main motion, feed motion and auxiliary motion.  The main motion refers to the workbench, the feed motion refers to the tool rest, and the auxiliary motion refers to the adjustment of the tool. 3. Technological characteristics and its requirement for automatic control system reversibility: during processing, the Workbench moves repeatedly; When working, the Workbench is planed; When returning, the Workbench is no-load return. Speed range: the decisive factors of the cutting speed of the gantry planer are: cutting conditions, cutting tools and workpiece materials. The Workbench should have different optimal cutting speeds for different jobs, so it should have corresponding different speeds and can be adjusted. Static difference: if the surface of the workpiece is uneven or the material is not very uniform, the cutting force will fluctuate, resulting in static difference. If the fluctuation is very large, it will affect the machining accuracy and surface finish. Rapidity: it means that the starting and braking process of the workbench in the positive and negative directions should be fast and the parking process should be fast in order to improve the production efficiency. There is a certain interlocking protection: mainly to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the gantry Planer. (Figure/text http://www . wxdtc. com /)
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