Large mechanical processing using different materials have different advantages

by:NJPE     2020-06-24
Large mechanical processing to operate in order to comply with technical requirements for its customers in the process of the workpiece, when making use of the workpiece must be effective positioning in the machine tool of a fixed position, when making use of in order to avoid the workpiece in precision machining process is affected by external force such as cutting force, gravity and displacement, it must adopt certain fixture clamping the workpiece, the fixed position remains unchanged. Large-scale mechanical processing using Q235A ( A3 steel) The advantage of large mechanical processing in the operation of its main advantage in a layer of will has high plasticity, toughness and welding performance, the entire product has certain stamping property and cold crooked performance, when making use of a low is mainly used for mechanical parts and the welding structure, such as the pull rod, connecting rod, pin, shaft, screw, nut, stents, base, etc. Large mechanical processing using the advantage of 40 cr large mechanical processing after quenched and tempered treatment to a certain extent, will have very good comprehensive mechanical properties and low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity, good hardenability. When oil cooling can get higher strength, water-cooled parts easy to crack. Tempered or quenched and tempered after cutting workability is good, but the weldability isn't good, easy to crack. When used in aircraft after conditioning treatment is mainly used in the manufacturing process of the motion of mechanical parts, such as the machine tool gear, shaft, worm, etc. Conditioning and high-frequency surface hardening after used in the manufacture of high surface hardness, wear resistance of parts and components, such as gear, shaft, shaft, crankshaft, spindle, sleeve, pin, connecting rod, etc. After quenching and middle temperature tempering used in the manufacture of heavy and medium speed movement of the mechanical parts, such as oil pump rotor, slider, gear, shaft, etc. After quenching and low temperature tempering, used in the manufacture of overload, low impact and abrasion resistance of mechanical parts, such as worm, shaft, shaft, etc. Carbonitriding place namely after manufacture large size, high low-temperature impact toughness of the transmission parts, such as axle, gear, etc. Large-scale mechanical processing using the advantage of 45 # 45 # quality carbon structural steel, is by far the most commonly used in carbon quenched and tempered steel. In the process of operating will have very good comprehensive mechanical properties, when making use of its low hardenability, prone to crack, when water quench weldment need before welding preheating, require annealing after welding. Mainly used in: manufacturing high strength mechanical movement parts such as impeller, piston, shaft, gear, rack, worm, etc.
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