Large parts of mechanical processing note!

by:NJPE     2020-06-19
Large parts of mechanical processing note! Release date: 2019 07 - 05 15:06:15

components for large and medium-sized mechanical processing in actual operation, must be applied relative mechanical parts production and processing ways to carry out the production processing and making, it can make its appearance, specifications and characteristics are accord with relative specification, including the pretreating, deep processing, assembly, testing and packaging process, if we ensure that every production process, can let manufactured goods more normative, effective and ensure that it meets the relevant specification. So in the production and processing of large and medium-sized parts in the whole process, we must be common problems?

1, components of large and medium-sized mechanical processing in the work should be good to wear protective gear, first it is forbidden to wear rubber gloves and scarf, numerical control lathe must understand before starting and operation steps, the main purpose of the rocker check the numerical control lathe the running is normal position, in the numerical control lathe required before starting with wrench clamping nc blades and steel.

2, components of large and medium-sized mechanical processing without a through understanding of the staff of banned starting numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe does not allow control of motor speed, sweep before starting or measurement in the area of work and so on, do not allow touch running position, such as found on nc lathe with dirt or cutting is prohibited by hand to pick up or blow with the mouth.

3, components of large and medium-sized mechanical processing on the job at that time if find items with loose or to be machines have abnormal must be parking at that time, after the actual operation, a little special tools shall be removed and cleaning the CNC lathe work environment, don't have to CNC blade, steel and objects on the surface of the machine table.

4, large and medium-sized parts precision machining work does not allow to touch by hand CNC blade, steel, and it runs component, it is forbidden to human body depend on the numerical control lathe in case other safety accidents, two people together to practice each device, the division of duties to established, closely.

5, gear transmission noise about 40% comes from because of the burrs, stuttering. Some processing plants in front of the reducer assembly line, remove burrs and stuttering, is this attack's approach to solve good are prepared ahead of time on the institutions. Should pay special attention to is that in normalizing or heat treatment, must maintain the furnace temperature is uniform, and selects the jig, make steel symmetrically heating and water cooling, ban piling up together.

6, control the quality of raw materials: high quality raw material is necessary for manufacturing high quality products, corporate enterprises use the raw material of aluminum alloy profiles, Q235, stainless steel plate, 50 cr and 46 steel manufacturing permanent magnet machine equipment, mechanical equipment, automated machinery and other non-standard parts. No matter what kind of way, according to the raw material to the factory after have to be tested after rigorous composition, grain size measurement, pure degree of identification. Its deformation, conditioning treatment plan is immediately adjust the tooth profile processing quality of ascension. Enterprise has a strict quality management process, including raw materials into the factory, review of the manufacturing process management, goods factory inspection, etc.

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