Machining error and tolerance of precision parts

by:NJPE     2020-01-22
In the process of precision parts processing and production, there will always be many small problems and knowledge points. Here are some small knowledge of parts processing errors and tolerances summarized by Dongguan NJPE precision master: tolerance refers to the maximum acceptable error in this industry specified in the standard. There is a variation in the geometric parameters of precision parts processing, that is, there is a range of allowable processing errors. This allowable variation is called tolerance, that is, the processing process generally only needs to meet the tolerance. In the actual production process of standard precision parts, due to the influence of factors such as equipment precision, tool wear, measurement error, and workers' operation level, the geometric parameters of parts of the same specification cannot be absolutely accurate and consistent. The difference in size, shape and position of precision parts after machining is called machining error. Different two parts are assembled together, for example, the assembly of shafts and holes of the same size requires looser ones and tighter ones, the requirement of this degree of tightness is a kind of fit relation, and tolerance and fit are interrelated. The above article comes from the internet. If there is any infringement, please contact and change it in time!
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