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by:NJPE     2020-06-18
of CNC precision machining trend! Release date: 2019 05 - 24 17:20:50

machinery factory: people usually see city CNC production and processing, this name is not the manufacturing industry of people I don't know what this is! Do you know? I think, at first I don't know. In not long ago a day, I met an old friend, it happens to be employed in the manufacturing industry, in order to improve its horizons, what did I also refer to his call, CNC production and processing. The friend is very selfless passion, not only detailed interpretation for me what is CNC production and processing, and can no longer my statement now why many people choose the city CNC production and processing.

, according to the friend introduced in CNC production and processing before it was called the numerical control lathe, then spread to the mainland, many people called in the pearl river delta, jiangsu two corridors ', CNC numerical control machine tool ', is based on the program writing production and processing process, belongs to the new production and processing technology. CNC lathe processing is refers to the CNC machine tool production and processing of the special tools to carry out the production and processing. Perhaps, even if the original manual labor transformation so that programming, but still indispensable hand-made work experience!

CNC index control lathe programming manipulation carried out by the numerical control lathe processing language, typically for G code. Numerical control lathe processing G code language told him CNC lathe production and processing of CNC blade choice of cartesian position coordinates, and manipulate CNC blade speed than the feed rate and spindle bearing, converter and its special tools, coolant, etc.

he is exquisite, the city CNC production and processing today, by contrast, is very has the upper hand, why is that? Mechanical processing factory and help me to express a down:

CNC lathe processing of relativity manual type production process with a lot of advantages, such as CNC lathe processing parts were produced in the production is very accurate and has repeatability; CNC lathe processing can produce manufacturing manual type production processing cannot have complex shape parts. Numerical control lathe processing have been held at CNC milling technical special tool called CNC machine or numerical control machine tools. Through marketing, most of the mechanical processing production workshop has the numerical control lathe processing work ability, typicality of mechanical processing workshop is one of the most commonly used numerical control lathe machining method has CNC milling, CNC and CNC EDM wire cut, Laser welding wire cutting cut) 。

to sum up, the city depends on the following points: the advantages of CNC production and processing

1) can be basic way is difficult to production and processing of production and processing complexity, that can produce processing some couldn't observe the production and processing of location.

(2) the smooth production and processing quality, production and processing precision, and high precision, into four axis craft production and processing.

(3) a lot of lower overalls, total production and processing complex parts need not multifarious work clothes. If want to change the appearance of the parts and specifications, must be altered only milling precision machining processes, product research and development and for retrofit.

(4) variety, small mass production under the condition of productivity is higher, can reduce the production preparation, numerical control lathe regulation and process test of the time, and since the application of drilling best quantity and reduce drilling time.

although it is more extreme in CNC production and processing, but there is a shortage, if mechanical processing plant machinery and equipment cost is expensive, maintenance staff with high level athletes, or accidentally will very easy to mistake, lead to the extravagance and waste of raw materials or hardware processing quality is not very good.

at the end of the day, my friend also said that although the city development trend of CNC production and processing now is very good, but if you want to get interesting reading, in the rapid development of the world will have to continuously continuous development diligently, otherwise if I will be replaced by other items!

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