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process is the basic unit of precision machining process. Process refers to the one ( Or a set) Workers, on a machine tools ( Or a working place) For the same artifacts ( Or at the same time a few artifacts) The continuous finish that part of the process. Constitute the main characteristics of a process is not changing processing objects, equipment and the operator, and the content of the process is continuous to complete the work step is on the surface processing, processing tools invariant, cutting parameter under the condition of constant feed and work schedule, is a processing tool in machining on the surface of a step to complete the work. For machining process, must determine the workpiece after the order of several working procedure and process of only lists the main process name and its processing sequence of short technological process, referred to as the process is obtained. Formulating process route is to develop the technological process of general layout, main task is to select the surface precision machining method, to determine the various surface processing order, and the entire process zhonggong ordinal what purpose, etc. Processes must follow certain principles. Single production: a single production of different structure and different sizes of products, and rarely repeated. Mass production: the batch to create the same product of the year, the manufacturing process has a certain repeatability. Mass production: production quantity is very big, most of the work place is often repeated a certain parts of a process with a certain processing.

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