Major problems that should pay attention to machining and quality requirements

by:NJPE     2020-06-24
Large machining on machining when need to pay attention to the problem is very much, so before operation on the workpiece machining personnel, machinery processing personnel should fully understand the need to pay attention to the problem, in this way can we better shorten the machining time, reduce the problems in the machining process, improve the quality of workpiece. Large mechanical processing problems that should pay attention to 1. When the workpiece is too high, should use different length of knife to open, then use a knife to remove the excess stock. 2. In flat knife should be used when processing plane, can effectively reduce the processing time, if there is a slope and are integers, slope knife should be used for processing. 3. Large mechanical processing materials of high hardness shall be selected to conventional milling processing; Materials of low hardness should choose suitable milling processing; Finishing using inverse milling, finishing the climb milling processing. 4. Large precision machining tool good toughness, hardness is low, suitable for rough machining; Tool poor toughness, high hardness, suitable for finishing. The clamping and machining of components of large fixture selection problems that should pay attention to 1. Mechanical parts processing method of the clamping to reasonably choose the locating datum and the clamping scheme, when we choose to set the benchmark, we should follow the 'benchmark' and 'benchmark superposition' two principles. 2. All surface processing in the large mechanical processing as a positioning clamping, therefore, it is necessary to choose easily every surface of the workpiece can be processed to the way of positioning. 3. Determine the position of the workpiece on the workbench, you must consider the length of each location of the processing, cutting tool and the rigidity of the cutter's influence on the processing quality. 4. Used in machining fixture, should choose as far as possible by the general assembly, and can adjust the jig, can effectively shorten the production preparation period. Problems that should pay attention to arrange large mechanical processing order ( 1) Arrange machining sequence, must follow the 'first after hole', the basic principle of 'first rough then essence'. ( 2) Sure good knife and tool change, once established, are not suitable for replacement. ( 3) According to the precision machining tool concentration process, can have better avoid repetition use the same tool, to lower the number of the replacement of cutting tools and time. ( 4) Alignment requirements very high hole system, should be in a position after all the precision machining of the hole is finished, rework other coordinates hole, so that can effectively eliminate duplicate generated when the positioning error, improve the hole system alignment.
In an age when machining parts is increasingly important, the researchers believe manufacturers should pay close attention to their results.
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