Marking of parts drawing for precision parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-01-21
For precision parts processing, first of all, part drawing is an indispensable part. A part drawing with clear, reasonable, complete and clear marks has an important basis for the production and inspection of workpieces, it is one of the important contents of the part drawing and the most powerful part of the drawing. So what are the labeling methods and characteristics of the parts drawing? The following is a summary of some experiences of the programmers of the parts processing factory. Labeling method of part drawing 1. Limit deviation labeling method: This labeling method is often seen in the actual production drawings of precision parts processing plants. When the deviation is not zero, positive and negative signs must be marked. Five points should be paid attention to in labeling: (1) When the upper deviation or the lower deviation is zero, it should be marked with the number '0' and matched with the single digit before the decimal point of the lower deviation or the upper deviation. (2) The upper deviation should be noted on the upper right of the basic size, and the lower deviation should be noted on the same bottom line of the basic size. (3) The decimal points of the upper and lower deviations must be aligned, and the number of digits after the decimal point must be the same (4) Zeros that do not work after the decimal point may not be written, except when zeros are needed to make the digits after the decimal point the same. (5) When the upper and lower deviation values are the same, the deviation only needs to be noted once, and the symbol '±' should be marked between the deviation and the basic size, and it should be the same as the height of the number. 2. Mark the tolerance band Code, this kind of labeling method generally uses a special measuring tool (Such as plug gauge, ring gauge, etc) Inspection to meet the needs of mass production, so there is no need to mark the deviation value. 3. At the same time, Mark tolerance code and limit deviation. This marking method is generally applicable to the situation of unstable output in precision parts processing plants. Even if it is used for special measuring tool inspection, it is convenient for general measuring tool inspection, this is the limit deviation. Parentheses should be added.
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