Matters needing attention in processing tin-bismuth alloy precision parts

by:NJPE     2020-01-19
Tin-bismuth alloy is called 'green structural material in 21st century '. Because it has low density, high specific strength, high specific rigidity, vibration damping and magnetic shielding, good precision parts processing performance, high surface quality can be obtained after processing, and no pollution to the environment, good recyclability. Environmentally friendly tin-bismuth alloy with guaranteed quality meets environmental protection requirements, so it is widely used. There is not much research on high-speed machining of environment-friendly tin-bismuth alloy. Due to the particularity of its machining, NJPE precision senior operators have put forward several new matters needing attention in machining safety protection and other aspects. 1. Pay attention to rust prevention during processing (Tin bismuth alloy profile--NJPE precision) Tin-bismuth alloy parts used for processing should be neatly discharged in the designated storage location and are not allowed to contact the ground; Wipe the surface of parts coated with antirust oil with cloth dipped in gasoline, and process it only after drying; The parts shall not be processed for more than half a month after being unsealed; After the parts are scribed, the oxide film will be destroyed, so the scribing should be carried out before the final oxidation; Oil is allowed to lubricate and cool precision parts when processing threads; All acute angles of parts should be rounded to obtain the best protection. 2. Pay attention to anti-burning during processing (Tin bismuth alloy processing--NJPE precision) Processing environmentally friendly tin-bismuth alloy parts in the specified site, the work site should be clean, bright and ventilated. It is necessary to clean up the magnesium chips on the work site in time. It is not allowed to pile up chips beside the machine tool. Instead, special containers should be designated outside the factory building to place chips. Dry powder fire extinguisher or dry sand for fire extinguishing should be equipped at the bedside of each processing machine. As far as possible, dry high-speed cutting is adopted, coolant is not used, air is naturally cooled, and flushing and chip removal equipment is equipped. Since the environmentally friendly tin-bismuth alloy powder in water is easy to generate hydrogen, mineral oil should be used as much as possible during production and processing, and the machine tool for oil cutting fluid should have a leak-proof design. 3. During the machining process, when reducing the deformation of parts for precision machining of environmentally-friendly tin-bismuth alloy parts, high-speed and large-cutting cutting shall be carried out, which to some extent offsets the weakness of higher price of environmentally-friendly tin-bismuth alloy. In principle, any cutting tool material, including ordinary carbon steel, can be used to process environment-friendly tin-bismuth alloy. When cutting in large quantities, hard alloy cutting tools are generally selected. Diamond cutting tools are mainly used in situations with strict surface quality requirements, diamond tools are generally used for turning environmentally friendly tin-bismuth alloys. However, the environmentally friendly tin-bismuth alloy has a low ignition point, and must be strongly cooled with mineral oil during processing, and the magnesium chips are quickly transported away from the processing area.
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